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Big, heavy, bulky- the typical description of a safe is fast changing. Godrej presents to you the range of Fire and Burglary Resistant VdS certified and listed Defender Pro safes, the lightest in the category.

Designed & engineered to the very latest standards, the Defender Pro collection of safes combine great looks with the outstanding levels of security, reliable operation and modern day requirements.


  • Robust range : Range of sizes with varying storage capacities is available to meet virtually every storage need.
  • The strong Seamless Construction : Fully welded multi-corner bend construction with seamless body. All five sides and the door are armored with a specially formulated Godrej TDR Matrix that is encased between strong outer and inner steel bodies. This provides massive resistance to attacks of sledgehammers, power drills, electric- arc, Oxy- Acetylene torch, Grinders, sledgehammers, thermic lance etc. and also helps withstand the impact of a fall from higher levels.
  • Light Weight & Smart Looks : The overall body thickness is only 65 mm for grade I/II/III & 90 mm for Grade V safes. These safes are one of the lightest in their respective categories. Slimmer walls give the safes a smart contemporary look.
  • Bolt-work Mechanism : Depending on the size & grades , the safes have a varying number of retraceable & fixed bolts. Special protection is provided to the bolts by the body jamb on either side of the safe, to resist any form of torch & tool attack.
  • Automatic relocking devices : An array of live relockers, 7 glass plate relockers which are interlinked & connected to the locks as well as the bolt-work resists all attempts of a forced entry into the safe through the door. The sensitive mechanism resists all forms of attacks either by liquid explosives or by higher categories of tools & torches- like thermic lance, oxyacetylene torch or a high powered Diamond Core Drill etc.
  • Fire Resistance : In addition to offering massive resistance against all forms of burglary attacks, the Defender Pro range of safes offers protection to its contents against raging fire. These safes have successfully withstood the fire Endurance test carried out by SP laboratories, Sweden as per Nt-017 standards for document protection upto 60 Minutes.
  • Choice of locking arrangements
    • Grades I/II./III come with one factory fitted VDS approved mechanical key/ Combination / Electronic lock. Built –in provision for fitting in second lock & alarm sensors.(optional)
    • Grade V safes come with two factory fitted VDS approved mechanical key/ Combination / Electronic lock. Built –in provision for fitting in second lock & alarm sensors (optional)
  • Choice of accessories:
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Sliding Pull-out Trays
    • Drawers for keeping small sized valuables
    • File Holders
    • Lockable, hinged flap doors or deposit lockers to divide storage space for multiple use.

Related Information Certification

  • Certified and Listed at SP Laboratories, Sweden for Fire Resistance in accordance with NT-017 standards
  • Certified and Listed at VDS laboratories, Germany
  • Certified and Listed at ECBS as per European standards- EN 1143-1 for Grade I / II / III / V